Saturday April 27th, 2019 at Navy Pier


  • The Magnetar Team Challenge was a unique opportunity for my students to get the feel of how a trading floor works in real time. The students were immersed into the experience of being stock traders: researching data, developing rationales for decisions, deciding strategies based on economic trends, and making quick, well-informed decisions. The students were engaged, actively participating, and applying what they learned in class. A fabulous day of learning and fun!
    ~ Teacher
  • And not only is Magnetar helping with class and curriculum, but I feel like the Foundation is also giving back to the community with the $5,000.00 – the prizes that were given at the Magnetar Team Challenge, and then that money can be used to help them build their programs.
    ~ Student
  • My students who attended led a short discussion on the Magnetar Team Challenge after we returned and shared their enthusiasm for all the activities they did. All of them recommended the Team Challenge to their classmates!
    ~ Teacher