Coach Spotlight: Churchill Capital’s Rex Savage

The sixth annual Magnetar Academy Team Challenge is two weeks away, where nearly 400 students will compete for a chance to earn up to $5,000 in grants for their school!

First-time coach Rex Savage, who runs the Chicago office for Churchill Capital — a firm that a firm that specializes in research, investment advisory, and trading globally for special situations such as merger arbitrage, fundamental catalyst, and stub trades — met with us recently to tell us why he decided to volunteer as a coach.

“I’d always done a lot of tutoring, especially when I was in business school, and financial literacy is a very important life skill,” he told us, stressing that he thinks schools don’t offer enough financial-oriented education. “When I heard about the challenge, I thought it was a perfect opportunity to get involved with something that I care about.”

Rex heard about the Challenge via his coworker, whose enthusiasm made him decide to get involved. “[My co-worker] participated in the challenge as a coach about 2–3 years ago [and] raved about it when he came back from the experience. It sounded like a phenomenal opportunity.”

This year, Rex joins over 50 other financial experts to coach a team of students from one of over 60 Chicago public schools. “I think it’s rare to have a large group of people who care about financial literacy all in one room. [These students] clearly want to become more experienced in finance, and I think that energy is going to be very interesting.”

When asked about his expectations for the event, he described that his only wish was to make an impact. “If I can impart some wisdom on [the students] and give them some perspective after spending 20 years in the finance community, that will hopefully be additive to the curriculum that they’ve already been engaging in.” Although it will be Rex’s first year participating in the Challenge, Magnetar Academy provides all the resources necessary to become a top-tier coach.

Many finance enthusiasts who take the time to become a coach have a passion for financial literacy because of the relevance to everyday life, something Rex shared with us during his interview: “We all have budgets, we all think about financial issues, and in this day and age, it’s hard to get by without solid knowledge of financial concepts.”

Coaches help build a strong foundation for the financial futures of young people in Chicago, especially those who come from low income backgrounds. We’re still accepting volunteers to coach for the Magnetar Academy Team Challenge until February 28th, so fill out this form today if you want to participate!

We’re looking forward to Rex’s coaching during the Challenge on March 10, 2018!