Below please find a list of Frequently Asked Questions. If you don't find an answer to your question, please contact the Magnetar Academy.

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  • Can my school compete in the Team Challenge?

    Schools that are currently enrolled in the Magnetar Academy program are eligible to compete. Classes with a minimum of 10 students may field a team for the Challenge.

  • My school meets the criteria, how do we sign up?

    Teachers can register to bring a team on the Magnetar Academy Instructor Portal.

  • What are the team sizes?

    Student team size maximum is 10, with a 5 student minimum.

  • My school has multiple Magnetar Academy classes and/or more than 50 students are currently enrolled in the program. Can we field more than one team?

    Schools with more than 50 students may field two teams. One of the teams must be comprised of 10 students and the other cannot have less than 5.

  • Can parents or school administrators attend?

    Each participating school team may invite 2 administrators to join the team for the day. Given the nature of the competition, student team tables are limited to students, team coaches and instructors. For security, only guests that have confirmed or have been invited may attend.

  • How does my team prepare?

    Preparation is two-fold. The Academy Curriculum provides students with an understanding of financial literacy principals and terminology that they will leverage during the Challenge. It is recommended that students have completed Units 1 and 2 and part of Unit 3. The Academy will provide a special Team Challenge Lesson Plan prior to the Team Challenge. This provides student with an overview of the day, terminology and team role planning. What is important to note is that the market data used for the Team Challenge reflects historical information reflecting a different type of market: - Up Market – Stocks are trading higher as compared to the previous day/month year closing level. - Flat Market – Stock market shows no movement in either direction (positive or negative) - Down Market – Stocks are trading lower as compared to the previous day/month/year closing level.